Security & Smart Home Services is passionate about creating innovative technology that deepens the connection between people and the things they care about most – their homes, families and businesses. Millions of people trust every day for better security, advanced automation and dependable service.

There award winning technology and cloud services power Security & Smart Home solutions, including Interactive Security, Energy Management, Video Monitoring, Intelligent Automation and Wellness. Connecting a broad array of smart devices, making them easily controlled through a single intuitive mobile app. services are exclusively sold, set up and supported by a nationwide network of authorized Security and Smart Home service providers.

Powering the Smart Home

Our award winning services and top rated mobile app deliver a seamless user experience across a broad ecosystem of security, energy, video and automation devices.

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Professional Installation & Support. solutions are delivered exclusively through a network of best-in-class home security experts, making it easy to get a Smart Home Security system that’s customized for your needs, and seamlessly integrated for your home.

Professionally Installed
& Configured


Reliable Technology
24/7 Monitoring &
Emergency Response Timeline




Reinvented Security

We invented a new way to remotely monitor and manage security systems in the home revolutionizing the way home security worked.

Launched 1st Interactive Security Solution
Established Professional Services Network
Enabled Remote Monitoring and Alerting for a Disarmed System
Introduced 1st Nationwide Dedicated GSM Cellular Connection
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Created Smart Home as a Service

We developed a comprehensive cloud based Smart Home solution with a broad range of integrated connected devices.

Launched Video as a Service
Released 1st native mobile app
Introduced energy management service
Offered Full home automation solution
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First to Market Innovation

Our technology led the market, offering new capabilities as we added devices and intelligence to the service.

Invented Image Sensor
1st Smart Schedules Optimization
Launched 1st location-based automation feature
Launched Wellness for Independent Living
1st LTE smart home connection
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Defining the Next Generation of Smart Home Technology


We’re creating new, meaningful ways to extend safety, awareness and smart control at home, and beyond.

Launched the Smart Thermostat
1st smart home app for Apple Watch goes public under symbol ALRM
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Platform of Choice is the platform of choice for the leading Security and Smart Home Service Providers today. Designed for Professional Service providers, offers tools for easy installation, rapid troubleshooting, exceptional customer support and seamless upgrades. The platform combines comprehensive Smart Home features with top quality Professional Services tool to create an exceptional customer experience. Uses Exclusive Technology uses technology that has revolutionized the way people connect to their home through exclusive first-to-market innovations.


Interactive Security


Video Monitoring
Smart Schedules: Save energy and stay comfortable with automation that’s optimized for your activity patterns.
Motion Triggered Recording: Automatically record a clip when motion is detected in the driveway or when the basement door is opened.
Rules-based Alerts: Get instant video alerts on your phone or by email, for key activities.
Stream Video Recorder: Get continuous high definition video recording on premise, with remote viewing access.
Energy Management