Alarm Systems

Alarm System Installations
Types of Systems


A Wired System is one of the oldest and most common Burglar Alarm systems in the USA. Wired Alarm Systems require an active telephone line to communicate to the service provider. The installation of a wired alarm system usually is completed during the build of the home or business. As there must be wires ran from each sensor back to the panel.


Wireless Alarm Systems are the most modern, and are quickly becoming more popular by the day. Wireless Alarm Systems rely completely on the cellular network for communication. Thus have no additional phone line required. They plug directly into the houses power and in the case of emergency they are equipped with a battery backup. Battery backups give the owner 24/48 hours of additional protection.  Our professional installation usually takes up to 3 hours depending on whats being installed.

Types of Sensorsperimeter

Window and Door Sensor

Door and Window Sensors are installed in or on the door frame depending on the system you purchase. The Alarm System is triggered when the contacts are disconnected. When someone opens the window or door the contacts separate. They protect very well on doors and when windows are opened. Although sometimes the burglars break the glass sliding glass door or window and enter without ever separating the contacts.

Glass Break Detection

Glass Break Detection units provide security in the event glass is broken to enter the home. When the glass is shattered the microphone detects the sound and alerts the alarm when specific sound waves are detected. These are extremely valuable in areas with glass doors or bay windows.

Passive Infrared Detectors / Motion Detector

interiorPassive Infrared Detectors also known as PIR Sensors are used to monitor the infrared light radiating from objects. In burglar alarms they use PIR Motion Based Sensors. These units send a signal when the infrared light in the room move, often called Motion Sensors. People and animals emit infrared light which is invisible to the human eye and set off these sensors.   These devices allow you to ensure no one is moving around in your home in your absence.



Smoke and Fire

Fire and Smoke Alarms when installed notify the alarm monitoring company or you when its sensor is tripped. The Alarm System also triggers the siren to provide the family an alert to the danger. Smoke and Fire integration into your alarm provides an early warning

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Sensors are used to protect against carbon monoxide leaks or blockages in chimneys. Carbon Monoxide is virtually undetectable to humans and it is extremely poisonous.  This Technology has been developed to prevent Carbon Monoxide build up in your home.

Additional Features

Security Camera Integration

Many of the monitoring services now offer integrated surveillance systems with your alarm. The interior or exterior of your house can be visually monitored by the company 24/7. These systems usually have two cameras to start and some systems can provide additional cameras.

Remote Control

This is like a remote control for your car alarm; these alarms allow you to attach the remote to your key chain. This prevents you from having to enter the code every time you come home.

Panic Button

The Panic Button comes attached to a key fob they are great alternatives for the elderly and young children who spend their days around the house. These Panic Buttons can be used in time of emergency such as injury or burglary. In the past, there have been cases of elderly falling and unable to get back up. In some cases, they were stranded on the ground for days…

Wireless Keypad

Installing an additional keypad on the upstairs or next to the garage could be essential for you and your family. The additional keypad prevents you from having to run across the house to shut off your alarm system.

I hope this information has helped you for security in your life. Please call us if you have any questions or would like to have a security consultation today. (813) 863-1154